Trainee Music Leader

Jenny Hibberd

Wordsmith, musician and educator, Jenny Hibberd is passionate about supporting people, particularly through the rhythm of music, language and storytelling. She has been delivering community workshops and performances across the Midlands for over five years, engaging myriad groups, ages and needs in music, lyric writing, poetry, theatre and arts & crafts. Jenny was winner of the ‘Creative Voice Award’ 2020 from Mighty Creatives as “an outstanding creative ambassador making an impact in championing and promoting creativity in the region”.

She honed her singing skills through years of musical theatre as a youth as well as learning drum kit at school. During university, Jenny delved into self teaching ukulele and since fell in love with hand percussion. She was half of meditative music duo ‘Mythm’ for six years who shared therapeutic music sessions throughout care centres and hospitals across Leicestershire. Currently, Jenny is loving learning guitar and piano. She’s written several of her own songs and instrumentals on ukulele, loop station, piano and guitar exploring consciousness, the human condition, adventure, landscapes and empowerment.

Enamoured by all textures and elements of sound and music, Jenny is continuously amazed at the power of rhythm and music as universal forms of communication that transcend age, need and language.

Presently, she is co-delivering arts, storytelling and music sessions for care home residents, students at primary and secondary schools, as well as composing the soundtrack for a shadow puppet film.”

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