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Evolution Training
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Evolution Training

Evolution training is our brand new, six month training programme which offers musicians a bespoke experiential journey to develop their skills, knowledge and interest in community music. Specifically focussing on co-creation, how do we authentically co-create music with and for communities.

Why Apply?

The Application Process

Common Challenges

What to Expect

Why be part of our training?


Be paid to work on one or more of Evolve Music’s programmes, delivering a minimum of 2 hours a week


Receive 2 hours a month of mentoring with an experienced mentor from the sector

Training & Events

Receive free places on Evolve Music training and Evolution Network events


Receive additional funding to support additional training and CPD opportunities

Working Practices

Understand good working practices in Safeguarding, Inclusion and Health and Safety


Develop musical skills and understand planning, delivery, reflection and evaluation

Who is it for?

This training is for musicians looking to step into the community music sector and want to develop their music leading skills.

Apply here

Applications are currently closed for this programme but will re-open in September 2021.

Digital Application Form
Downloadable Application Form
Downloadable Application Form Large Print

If you are unable to complete our application form for any reason please email us at recruitment@evolvemuisc.org.uk

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Who will support you

Our Mentors

Lead Mentor

Alex Lupo


Charlie Groves


Fran Key


Hugh Nankivell


Liv McLennan


Alphonso Archer


Steve Hawker


Jessie Maryon Davies

Do you have any questions?

Email us
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