Alphonso Archer

Alphonso learnt to play the piano and guitar from a very young age and subsequently went on to play for several bands around Derby where he grew up. After graduating from with a degree in Sociology and Psychology he went to work for several companies including GE and Cable wireless selling IT & software solutions.

Alphonso went on to setup several companies and currently runs X Factor Music Tuition & Studio Services and Muso Mirror. One of his previous ventures included running a football academy for 12 years which included a Brazilian Soccer School franchise teaching technical football skills with the aid of music to children and adults across North Wiltshire.

After over 25 years in corporate sales Alphonso decided it was time to pursue his life long love and passion for music and now works with children with a diagnosis of autism providing a range of creative music services using traditional and technology based instruments and tools to help build confidence and regulate emotions. This work over the past five years has inspired him to pursue a master degrees in Music Therapy. Also also teaches the piano, guitar and drums privately from his studio in Calne.

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