Hugh Nankivell

Hugh Nankivell is a composer and musician based in Torquay, Devon. He is currently the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Music Associate for Devon, and in this role leads many projects with early years, people living with dementia and family orchestras.

Hugh works on wide range of projects including composing for theatre and dance, working in special schools, training and mentoring musicians and teachers and working internationally. In the recent past he has been involved in  ‘The Complete Freedom of Truth’, ‘The Forgiveness Project’ and with ‘The Choral Engineers’, a creative community choir tracking Brexit through a three-year project.

In 2019 Hugh worked in Japan on a training programme for emerging music-leaders looking to extend their skills. Hugh has been engaged with Awards For Young Musicians now for ten years on a project looking at how to identify musical potential, and this has helped him to re-think the purpose and aims of music education.

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