Steve Hawker

Steve Hawker was trained as a classical pianist at Wells Cathedral School, the Guildhall, and Cambridge University, but soon rebelled and got into electronic music and playing in bands instead! Later he did a community music training programme with Phil Mullen.

As part of a “portfolio career”, he’s been a music leader in mainstream and special schools around Cornwall for the last 10 years, and developed a focus on using music technology alongside other forms of creative music-making.

As inclusion manager for Cornwall Music Service Trust, he helped secure funding for larger projects (including Open Orchestras, and projects relating to “Trauma-Informed Schools” programmes), and helped nurture a small team of music leaders specialising in inclusion work.

Steve is passionate about this area of work – helping those who have the most need, and the fewest opportunities, to find their voice. Whether in his practice, in setting up and managing projects, or advocating locally and nationally, Steve is always keen to help increase the quantity and quality of community music work.

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