What we do

What we do
Our three core strands

What we do

Co-creation is at the centre of our work and we wholeheartedly believe that everyone has an innate musical ability.

Through a hands-on creative process, our professional music leaders use games and exercises to extract ideas and skills from a group, enabling them to make music and explore a range of instruments. We don’t focus on reading music or perfecting instrumental skills, but support, facilitate and guide people to freely explore sound and enable them to create original pieces of music in a collaborative and organic way using improvisation.

Our work is fully inclusive and enables everyone to get stuck in, have fun, and express themselves individually, as well as part of a group.

As an organisation we have three core strands:

  • Families,
  • Young People
  • Adults.

Within these strands, we deliver a variety of regular programmes and new pilot projects which continue to trial and test new ways of working.

See below to find out more about these programmes.

Young people
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