Legacy Resources

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These resources have been created for care home staff to engage in with their residents. The aim is that they:

  • Spark conversations and provide opportunities for socialising
  • Help to develop connections/relationships amongst residents and between residents and care home staff
  • Stimulate memory and recall
  • Support creativity

If possible, we would like to receive feedback on how these resources have been utilised and in what way they have worked best, whether that is one-on-one or in groups, at certain times of the day or if they have been used to help in certain situations e.g. as a diffusing mechanism or to re-direct focus. Please provide us with as much information in order to support us to better understand the needs and potential of these resources.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Question Timelines 

3:47 What’s your favourite item from the bakery? 

4:52 Did you go to the Festival of Britain?

9:22 Did you watch the Queen’s coronation? 

13:36 Did you used to listen to the radio?

15:13 Did you watch the World Cup in 1966?

16:08 Did you watch Neil Armstrong land on the moon?

Garden Scene

Garden Scene

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