Our core strands


We support families to build stronger relationships with their children.

Evolve Music’s early years music sessions are designed and run by specialist Community Music Leaders and highly-skilled musicians to provide families with an immersive and interactive musical experience.


They are tailored to support families’ individual needs, helping parents to build an intimate connection with their child/children. Learning through play, singing, puppets, storytelling, music and movement, our carefully constructed activities are designed to support all aspects of a child’s natural development.


Through our partnership with local children centres and professional healthcare services, we have created a supportive and nurturing environment that reaches some of the most isolated and vulnerable families in our communities.

What are the benefits of music-making in early childhood?

Music plays an important role in child development and can benefit children of all ages. Engaging in music activities can accelerate brain development, particularly in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills. Music and movement can also enhance physical development, from hand-eye coordination to practicing fine and gross motor skills. Our early years activities support:

Physical development

Communication & language development


Physical development

Personal, social and emotional development

Creativity & imagination

In addition to these developmental benefits, simply put:
music brings us joy.

Dad's Rock
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