Make Music

We deliver community music projects for early years children, young people and adults in villages, towns and cities across the South West.

We use music to inspire creativity, build confidence, forge connections, improve wellbeing and tell stories.

In addition to these place-based programmes we provide training and consultancy for educators, musicians and the music education sector.

What is Community Music?

Community music cannot be defined by a single instrument, family of instruments or musical genre.

Community music embraces the enormous and wide-ranging benefits collective composition and playing can bring to people. Participants might have no previous experience of playing instruments or singing. All sessions are led by highly trained practitioners.

Over the last 20 years community music has enjoyed a growing popularity in the UK. It is increasingly proven to improve mental health; build on participants’ and communities’ sense of identity; enable engagement in the wider world; grow self-esteem, confidence and skills.

It is a collective experience that fosters friendship and fun and it has also been proven to improve concentration, learning outcomes in schools, well-being and a sense of belonging.