Training for Educators & Carers in Early Years Music

A child's pan flute on a puppet

“all my early childhood students have shared that they have learnt much about early childhood music education and that they also witnessed the changes to the setting’s pedagogic practices”

Dr Karen Wickett, Plymouth Institute of Education, University of Plymouth.

Musical play training for early years providers

Evolve Music believes that it is through effective pedagogy that children become musical and our training for early years educators and carers is underpinned by this principle.

Through modelling, introducing theory, observation and reflective practice we demonstrate to educators and carers how a child-initiated, adult-responsive music-making environment can be created and the benefits of this approach.

Training covers:

  • musical improvisation activities
  • setting up fun, creative musical play spaces
  • how to encourage children to embody their music experiences
  • ways in which words to familiar tunes can be changed to reflect children’s experiences
  • using a range of sensory resources
  • trying out new rhymes, tunes and rhythms whilst teaching day to day activities
  • using sounds and music to mark transitions within the setting’s daily routine

Training can take the form of a 13-week residency, 6-week residency, one-workshops and online training for staff.

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